1. What are the requirements when renting a vehicle from CarHireCyprusOnline.com? 
The great thing about renting from CarHireCyprusOnline.com that we are not overly strict in our rental requirements. 
To rent a vehicle from CarHireCyprusOnline.com, you need to have a valid drivers license and a credit card that is in the name of the person picking up the vehicle.

2. Are there any age requirements when renting a vehicle? 
Drivers 25 to 69 inclusive need to have a full driving license for at least 1 year. Drivers 21 to 24 need to have held a valid license for at least 3 years. For insurance reasons drivers aged between 21 and 25 are required to pay a Young Drivers Surcharge of €8,40 + VAT per day on top of any other extras they choose. An Overage Surcharge of €8,40 + VAT applies to all customers over the age of 70.

3. Will you accept my credit card?
CarHireCyprusOnline.com accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express & Visa; as long as the credit card is in the name of the renter.

4. Can I still rent a car with no Credit Card?
Yes, you will be required to leave a cash deposit of €500,00 (depending on category of vehicle you choose) or if you choose to use a Debit Card a pre authorization of this amount will be made to your card.

5. How do I pick up my vehicle?
CarHireCyprusOnline.com have made it simple and easy for you to collect your vehicle. You have a number of choices: 
  • You can collect your vehicle from an office or an Airport
  • The vehicle can be delivered to you
  • A representative can meet you at your hotel
6. Can I amend my account?
You are able to amend your account details, please logging into the Customer Login section, and select to edit your details. You receive access to the account once you complete your first booking your Username and Password will be send by email! 

7. Can i cancel my booking?
No refunds will be given for rentals ended early, for late collections, for no shows or for cancellations made after the rental start date.
Cancellations can be made online by logging into the Customer Login section of our website and selecting the cancel option.
Alternatively you can contact us to cancel your booking by submiting the form on the Contact Us page, or by calling us on +357-25880222